Thursday, November 12, 2009

On the Move....

Hey there Heart Family! Everyone has been doing fairly well around here! Sydnie is officially potty trained! She has been so stubborn about giving up her diapers! She was showing all of the signs of being ready and finally gave in. She has been accident free for three days! Way to go Sydnie! Sydnie has been practicing her future career:

I know this might be singing overload... but take a look at Sydnie's face while the girls sing! There's nothing quite like a big sister, so special in a little sister's eyes... even if she's shoving you back to steal the show!!!!

The girls have been truly enjoying the "warm" fall weather!
We were able to merge our leaves with our neighbors and have a great afternoon full of "cannon balls" and running jumps!!! They all had so much fun!

This past weekend Charlie had the flu! She caught it even though she had the seasonal flu vaccine and the H1N1 vaccine!!!! Poor baby... I made her endure two shots to protect her from the nasty flu and she still caught it!!!! It was pretty nasty, but she was a great "sick" kid! No issues from her at all! Way to go Charlie!

Bob was a great help! We worked hard to keep the girls separated... which included separate bath times! I was in charge of Charlie and Bob took care of Sydnie's baths.

Sydnie has on Bob's socks!!! :) too cute!

Sydnie loves anything she can go fast on... She loves to be "On the Move"!!! I'm worried about what kind of things she'll like in her future.... but, am also relieved in knowing that her very special single ventricle heart will not slow her down! Go baby go!!!!

I would like to say a huge Thank You to Stefenie Jacks for helping out with my Blog. She sure knows how to work the Blog Magic!!! Thanks Stef!
I also would like to ask for many prayers for the Lebert family. Their precious sweet fighter earned her angel wings yesterday unexpectedly. They have a care page cp: alebert. I'm sure they'd love to hear from you all.

Thanks everyone and have a happy and safe ThanksGiving!!!


Jessica said...

Been waiting for an update from you guys!!! Thanks!!! Sydnie looks great!! Her sweet little smile and those eyes! Yeah potty trained!! How nice that must be to not have diapers anymore. Stef helped with my blog too she really is great! Good to hear things are well! Heart Hugs, Love, and Blessings, Jessica

Stefenie said...

I like your new blog header. It looks super cute!!

Thanks for sharing the adorable pics of the girls. I'm glad to hear that Charlie is doing better and that Sydnie hasn't caught the bug yet. YIKES! I am sure you were worried!

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan

Jen said...

The blog looks awesome. Stef does do great job, doesn't she? Glad to see everything is going well!

Jen, Craig & Andrew

Renee said...

The girls are precious. I loved the video of Sydnie singing her ABC's. She is so adorable. May God always watch over her and your entire family!

kim knipp said... cute! Charlie look more and more like mommy everday!!!
Way to go Sydnie...big potty girl! Im so happy you are doing so well! Will sends XOXOXO to both girls!

Jessica said...

I gave you the Heart Felt Blogger award go to my blog to check it out! Heart Hugs, Love, and Blessings, Jessica