Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Say what you need to say.....

So much can be said with a balloon.... You can share happiness, a birthday wish, a cheerful and encouraging word... and AWARENESS!

For us, as sydnie went through her third surgery... a time all too familiar... scared, hopeful, terrified, faithful...

... a balloon brought us relief, a sign of Sydnie recovering well, hope, faith... and for Sydnie it brought a friend, entertainment, a source of distraction during scary, ouchy times.

We shared many happy moments with balloons... Leaving the hospital!

Balloons say so much without saying anything at all... and this weekend we ask you to join us in launching CHD awareness balloons. This is an opportunity, a moment to "say what you need to say". A moment to spread AWARENESS. This Saturday, Oct. 3rd, buy as many balloons as you'd like from a local dollar store (or where ever is the cheapest). Print off CHD awareness cards and attach them to your balloons. Once your ready, launch away! Hopefully we can create awareness that will spread to many.

Below is a copy of our CHD awareness card. Feel free to copy and paste, make changes, do what ever you need. Thanks for being a part of our awareness!

Hugs & Happiness,

The Sydnie Team

Thursday, September 17, 2009

First time blogging!

Hi there heart family! We are making the switch over to blogspot because of the many problem carepages is having now!! I really hope that website doesn't go down... we've met so many wonderful people, created so many life long friendships, and learned so much from each other. I'm so thankful to have had carepages and our carepage family these past years!

All is going well here! Charlie is now officially a BIG girl! She started her first day of Kindergarten Sept. 8th! What a crazy day of excitement and tears... She was so excited to go and I was so tearful to see her leave (Sydnie too). Sydnie often asks for Charlie... it's so sad, she walks around the house like a lost puppy! She needs her sissy!

Charlie was so excited about starting school! I asked her what she looked forward to most and she said with and mischievous grin on her face, "we don't have to wear seat belts on the bus"! So silly! I thought is would be something like, playing with kids, eating out of a lunch box, being away from home like the big kids.... So cute!

Charlie spent a great deal of time picking out a backpack. Check out how BIG her backpack is compared to her little body! So funny! It almost reaches down to her knees!

Sydnie thought she was going to school as well! It took a great deal of time explaining to her that when she turns 5 she'll be able to join sissy on the bus. She kept saying "I five... I five"... and now if anyone asks her how old she is she automatically says 5. Poor little thing... all she wants to do is ride the bus! Cutie!

I guess Charlie enjoyed the ride there! She's so funny!

Once she got to school Bob, Sydnie and I were there to great her... we really had to move quickly to get there before the bus did... our bus driver is fast!

Charlie walked in like she was such a big girl! She found her locker, put her stuff away and gave us kisses good bye!

I think we were much more emotional than she was! I'm surprised she didn't push us out the door!!!

Once she found her seat she was ready for some big kid school work! So cute!

We love you big girl!

Sydnie & Mommy Time

Sydnie truly misses her sister. She wonders around the house asking for Charlie and for some reason she gets mad at me like I'm the one who sent Charlie away... Mean mommy, you made my sissy go away! So silly. Once she realizes Charlie will be home later she's more open to playing one on one! We've had lots of fun playing blocks, reading books, coloring, playing out side on the swings, and sometimes just doing nothing at all as we sit and watch the crazy squirrels outside. Of course her most favorite thing to do is ride her bike! I think we may have an adrenalin junkie on our hands. She loves to go fast! This morning as we headed out to play she had to wear her fabulous sparkly shoes!!!

Sydnie has been doing so well, thank you God! Both Sydnie and Charlie received the flu vaccines (a shot, both girls were soooooo mad) two days ago. Sydnie had a small temp yesterday but is doing much better today. I heard of many people getting sick from the shot... so I was terrified that one of the girls, or both, would do the same. So far so good! It's hard to believe, but it's been almost 9 months since Sydnie's Fontan. I'm so thankful she's doing so well! I find myself almost "forgetting" that she has heart issue... she as bounds of energy, she's pink, and even though we see her "love line" we tend to "forget". Although, deep down inside I still have that "knowing" that she has a very special heart... That "knowing" seems to come out when Sydnie falls or jumps off the furniture or says "ouch"... I guess we may feel we are "forgetting" but we truly will never forget!

Football Season is Here

Bob coaches for one of the High Schools in the district we both teach in. He loves it, a lot, and is great at it! So far his team is 3-0. They are doing so well! The girls both love going to the field. I grew up in a football family and I'm excited that our girls will be able to do the same. Many of my childhood memories are of my dad's football games and sitting in the stands playing or being on the field! Many football memories await us!

The girls had so much fun playing on the field after a practice. They were so excited like they've never been on a field before!

Our football babes on the 50!

Sydnie loves the attention from the coaches and players! Although she does get a little shy.

Charlie and Sydnie, our future cheerleaders.

Pretty little misses!

Thanks for checking out our blog. Hopefully this will be a little more easy than Carepages.

If you haven't put it on your calendars yet... Oct. 3rd will be our CHD awareness balloon launch day! Visit a dollar store and buy some balloons, print off a CHD fact card (found below, it's a little fuzzy) attach them to the balloons and launch away!

Thanks a bunch for helping spread CHD awareness!

Love and Happiness, The Sydnie Team