Wednesday, October 28, 2009

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Barn Party, Field Trip, Vaccinations... Oh my!!!

Hi there heart family! Our Halloween celebrations have begun a little early! We were lucky enough to go to a Barn Party our friends put on each year. Normally in the past we said no to this invitation because we were always anticipating a surgery... but now we can! For a while that is, LOCKDOWN is quickly approaching! The girls had a blast! Charlie decided to be Dorthy this year and Sydnie decided to be the "Courageous Lion"! So cute! The girls were able to trick or treat and play with some ghosts and goblins!

Daddy and his girls!

Doesn't Charlie look like "Laura" from Little House on the Prairie?! To funny!

Charlie had her first field trip as a Kindergartner! We went to Spicers Orchard! So much fun! She had a blast, even though it was freezing!!!
We had a hay ride, picked apples and a pumpkin, had cider and doughnuts, and played like crazy!!! She had a blast!

Farmer Charlie!

Sydnie and one of her dreaded vaccinations! I have totally been a slacker when it has come to Sydnie's vaccinations. On one side I choose to delay her vaccs. because of all that she's been through and most of the time they didn't align nicely with her surgery dates... and on the other side I simply didn't want her to go through any more pain... shots, reactions, ouchies!!! Regardless, she has to have them. So now we are on a make up schedule! Today she received her MMR... yuck! I cringe to think of the chemicals that now in her poor little body! Better than the alternative right?! She seems to be doing ok! She took the shot like a Champ and as a reward we went to go visit some animals! She had so much fun! Now... we are waiting the H1N1 vacc. If available, I'm going to have the girls vaccinated in 3 weeks! Still a little scared... but I feel a little better knowing it's made like the normal flu vacc. the only difference is the strain used, H1N1! Scary!

Sydnie decided to serenade the horses with her rendition of "Old MacDonald" So cute!

Sydnie was declared the Grand Champion Farm Princess! jk

Here's a Sydnie and Charlie funny! They clearly get their dynamite dance moves from their father's side!!! Ha, Ha, Ha!!! ...and no Napoleon Dynamite is not their father! :)
Sydnie's version:

Charlie's version:

So cute! Hope you all have a great week!
Hugs and Happiness,
The Sydnie Team

Monday, October 5, 2009

CHD Awareness Balloon Launch

Hi there heart family! Our balloon launch was a success... and a great deal of FUN! With the help of our family, we were able to assemble and launch 30 red awareness balloons and one bundle of 8 "paci-fairy" balloons! It was great fun!

Charlie holding onto the awareness balloons! She was a great helper along with our entire family! Sydnie was eager to launch her balloon!

Before we could actually launch the balloons we had to deal with a tangled mess the wind caused. We finally took all the balloons to the garage and untangled them. Then we launched them individually. Next time I think we'll do this a little differently!

Daddy working feverishly trying to untangle a bundle of balloons!

Kim and Camryn trying to figure out how to get rid of this mess!

Once all was untangled, we made it outside to launch!

Sydnie's Balloon! Go sweet baby!

Charlie's balloon!

Along with our CHD awareness balloons, we launched a "paci-fairy" bundle of balloons! Sydnie was ready to let go of her paci's and open to the paci fairy giving them to all of the new itty-bitty babies. We attached them all to a bundle of balloons and launched away!

....And away they go! One of our last physical reminders of Sydnie as a baby! She's such a big girl now!!!

Unfortunately the balloons didn't make it very far... the wind carried the balloons and her paci's into a tree :( All is ok! While everyone was asleep and the world was dark, the paci fairy was able to swoop out of the sky and rescue the paci's and take them to the new babies! pheewwww!

Sydnie was a little sad to see her paci's go!!! After a few airplane rides and some love from daddy, she was ok!

Charlie and Sydnie enjoying the family time!

So much FUN... so much AWARENESS! We can't wait until we can do it again!

Some Sydnie funnies!
So this morning I decided to take advantage of only having Sydnie and myself in the house and clean our down stairs. No biggie right? I was able to do some laundry, straighten the play room, clean the kitchen... When Sydnie asked to paint with water colors... "Sure" I said, "not a problem"! So I got out her Dora water color kit and thought to myself, "ooohhhh, now I can vacuum and she'll be sooooo busy! ....there's no way she'll be able to get into any trouble!" Silly me.... I think she was thinking, "mommy will let me water color and will think I'm busy... I'll take this opportunity to teach her a lesson... silly mommy (evil laugh)!" So this is what happened!

Yup, you're seeing correctly... She's painting her nails with water color... and my white chair cushion!

Such delicate work.... She painted her finger and toe nails!

Silly baby! ... or silly mommy, right?!

Here she is in action:
Love you all,
The Sydnie Team