Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy Holidays Heart Family

Happy holidays everyone! I know it's a bit early but in an effort to stay ahead of the game with Christmas I fell behind! Crazy right?! I wanted to send out holiday cards early this year and lost track of time. I even bought the girls dresses super early in the season! It's crazy how the holidays sneak up on us all. So here is a virtual Christmas card! Check out how sweet the girls look... Even through the super sweet pose, Sydnie's ornery grin shows!!! Cutie Pa-tootie!
The girls are really excited about Christmas. When asked what she wants for Christmas, Sydnie says Zhu-Zhus, toys, and presents! She's totally brainwashed by her sister Charlie... Zhu-Zhus... They're so hard to find! Luckily, I think Santa has nailed down one for each girl!

Things have been going well here. Both girls have stayed healthy, thank you God, with only a few runny noses here and there. Although Sydnie's runny noses usually turns into croup... so we keep prednisolone on hand just in case. So far, so good! Sydnie has been doing a great job going on the potty so she'll be starting gymnastics in January... I can't lie, I'm a bit nervous! It's not like she'll be vaulting her little body off the un-even bars or anything... I'm just nervous! Sydnie already thinks she can do flips, cartwheels, back hand springs... I'm afraid she'll try all of these wonderful things she thinks she can do! I guess she'll never learn unless we let her try, right??? Yikes!!!!! Charlie plans on taking a break from gymnastics and would like to try ice skating. I think she'll like it... however, I do for see a problem with her trying to skate while wrapped in pillows and packing tape. I'm such a paranoid mama!!! She'll be fine!!! A few boo-boos here and there!!!

I hope all is going well with everyone!

Wishing you all a wonderful, safe, and HAPPY Holidays!

The Sydnie Team

Friday, December 4, 2009

Sweet Hailey

Please say many prayers for Hailey and her family!!! I'm so sad to say she earned her angel wings way to early in life!!!!!!

I hate CHD's! I'm so thankful for Sydnie and even more thankful that she's here with us.... I'm so upset for all the families that lost their sweet babies to chds... Angry, sad, TERRIFIED...

Hailey's mom posted an article from the aha... very interesting and promising! Check it out! It really creates HOPE for those pregnant with a HLHS baby... or any chd baby for that matter!!!! Science is great!

I'll post soon about Sydnie very soon!

Sorry it's so short...

Hugs always,
The Sydnie Team