Tuesday, February 9, 2010

CHD awareness, Jump Rope for Heart, and Dentist app.

Hi there Heart family! It's that time of year where Heart Families have CHD awareness pumping through our veins... We spend many hours and days thinking about ways to spread awareness!!! Everyone is doing a great job!
This is a video shared with me from Melissa, Ava's mom! www.caringbridge.org/visit/avab It's a great video! Please take a look and pass it on!

This past Saturday Charlie participated in our school districts Jump Rope for Heart for the American Heart Association. It was a blast! There were two sessions... and when we were leaving they had reached 26,000... and were still counting! I only wish more of that would go towards CHDs.

Charlie & Sydnie with Sharkey!!!

A little "Sisterly Love" during announcements!

Both girls jumped like crazy!

Towards the end of our session we were invited to speak to the families and children about CHD's and Sydnie. It was a great opportunity to get the word out there and to show the kids a real live reason to be participating in Jump Rope for Heart. The kids were amazed to see Sydnie and how active she is. It was a great honor!
Sydnie and Daddy taking a rest!

Jump, Jump, Jump Rope! Go baby, go!

Charlie jumping with all her might! Way to go big girl!

We all had a fantastic time and are so thankful the Huron Valley Schools participated in Jump Rope for Heart!

First Dentist Appointment:

I recently took Sydnie to her first Dentist appointment... I know... She should have already visited the Dentist earlier in her life! I really wanted to spare her the additional stress and trauma! However, with all of that spared... I suppose her teeth are suffering. At her first appointment we learned that during development, her teeth didn't develop correctly! She lacks enamel in many parts of her teeth! Yikes! The dentist didn't know for sure why this happened, but she said she thought it was likely a result of her heart condition! ***Are there any other CHD kiddos who have the same thing out there???*** So now Sydnie had to have two cavities filled and is brushing with a prescription tooth paste that has a higher concentration of flouride. Along with a mouth spray that contains Xylitol! This is a natural sweetener that reduces the bacteria that helps cause cavities! Xylitol is also found in some gum and candy!
A shocking truth was shared with us... If you or a family member have had a cavity in the past our currently does, you have a very contagious bacterial infection in your mouth! This infection is easily passed to others by sharing drinks, blowing on hot food, sharing utensils... Unknowingly, Bob or myself passed this bacterial infection on to our girls!!! Now they are carriers! There isn't an antibiotic out there that has proven to be effective against this bacteria... I guess there will always be a reason to go to the dentist until an antibiotic is found to cure this infection!!!

Sydnie with Dr. Gail! She was great! Considering how resistant Sydnie was, she did a great job on her fillings! Certainly was an awful experience for Sydnie!

You know you have a great and caring doc when they take the time out of there day to fix their patients hair! :) So cute!

I hope all is going well! Take care and please continue to spread the word about CHDs!


The Sydnie Team